Florida Bans Texting While Driving
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Florida Bans Texting While Driving

When a friend from another state visited me in Florida, they were shocked to learn that there was no law prohibiting cell phone usage while driving. They were even more surprised when I explained that texting and driving was not a primary violation. This meant you had to be stopped for another reason to get a texting and driving violation. However, all of that has changed since July 1, 2019.

Florida has finally caught up and passed an effective ban on texting while driving. Texting and driving while moving is now a crime. This includes texting, emailing, Snapchatting, and any other activity that involves typing on your phone while driving.

Interestingly, all these restrictions only apply while you’re driving. If you’re waiting for a train, you can text. It may sound crazy, but it makes sense since you aren’t driving if your foot is on the brake and the car isn’t moving. It’s crazy in comparison to DUI laws, where you could get a DUI even if you’re in the backseat napping with the keys in your pocket and the vehicle turned off. But I digress.

You can still use your phone to navigate, get weather and emergency updates, and talk on the phone, as long as you are not in an area with workers, such as a construction site or school. In those cases, you must use hands-free mode. You can see the direction this is heading. What a mess.

Now an officer will have to pull you over and listen to all your excuses—I mean, explanations—of everything you did on your mobile phone that was legal to hide the fact that you had just done something illegal. To make matters even more complex, an officer can’t take your phone without a warrant to check what you are up to. You have every right to refuse to let the police take your phone without a warrant.

What are the implications? Positively, any action that encourages people to put down their phones while driving will save lives and prevent countless accidents. That’s great. It’s also a positive that the police will be issuing warnings only between now and next January. But that’s not all the good news.

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